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Be Decisive EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

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Be Decisive EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

Do you have goals and projects waiting for you to work on them? Do you say that you desire something but then never really go after it? Does fear get in the way or do you procrastinate? Or worse do you actually take steps toward that desire but it never quite manifests? What could be getting in the way of receiving or having what you desire?

BEING DECISIVE doesn’t mean you have to be in control of every thought and feeling you have. That would be difficult. It means that you are conscious of what you think, say and do as well as willing to make adjustments in those thoughts, feelings and actions on a daily basis – even minute to minute basis. For example, when you are aware and decisive, plus you change over and over again the negative thought to a positive one, the doubt to determination, the stress to peace, the insecurity to safety, the sadness to joy, the hate to love, amazing things will transpire. Even more amazing than the things you are dreaming about.

Monitor your thoughts and feelings. Use them to determine what you desire. Set goals. Take action. BE DECISIVE and watch your world transpire.

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