Create your Own Reality EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

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Create your Own Reality EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

Are you creating your own reality or are you focused on what the media is reporting as your reality? Are you focusing on what you desire or are you worried about the apparent state of things? You get to choose where you focus your attention.

Remember when the video "What the Bleep do We Know?" came out? In his interview Dr. Joe Dispenza talked about how he focused his thoughts and desires in order to "Create my Day". It was amazing and you know what, it still is. I continue to visualize my day, my week, my desires and everything continues to flow even though the media says that we are in crisis.

If I am internally at peace, calm, feeling good, then I don't feel the so-called crisis. In fact, I haven't felt much of an effect from the so-called crisis. I think that what is occurring financially in the world is an opportunity to clear out old money beliefs, to stop believing in what the media says as it is biased anyway, to observe what I want, to get aligned with it, and to create my own reality.

Come along on this adventure of creating our own realities with me. Leave the worry behind. Enjoy your abilities and manifest your dreams. It is so fun!

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