Emotional First-Aid for Children Digital Book

Emotional First-Aid for Children Digital Book

How to Prevent Challenging Events from Having Traumatic Effects

In Compassion in Action, Emotional First Aid for Kids, you will learn valuable techniques to help children successfully move through upset and trauma. You’ll find self-regulation and recovery techniques to help yourself, so you can help others more effectively. These practical tools support parents, caregivers, teachers and community members who want to protect children. The strategies are easy to learn, apply and remember, for both every day use, and in times of trouble.

In Emotional First-Aid for Children, you discover:

• Techniques to help children successfully navigate adversity

• Rapid self-regulation and recovery strategies

• Tools to help children shift from trauma and upset to calm, centered and grounded

• Easy to learn, apply and remember techniques

“This is the best written, practical, up to date, straightforward instruction in Emotional First Aid for children of all ages that I would have liked to write in the exact same way. Not reading it is immoral. Fantastic. Congratulations!” ~ Ulf Sandström, Hypnotherapist, Trauma Specialist

Deborah D. Miller, PhDauthor, has helped hundreds of children suffering from cancer and their care-givers to alleviate the fear, anxiety and stress arising from the illness. She blends energy psychology, science and spiritu- ality in a way that enables her to apply and teach practical techniques that are easy to learn and use. Her materials are available in both English and Spanish. DeborahMiller.org

Jondi Whitis, MToT: author, Master Trainer of Trainers for EFT International, and former Lead Trainer for the Newtown Community Trauma Relief Project, Jondi has helped thousands. Jondi travels widely to train others so they can help people relieve suffering. JondiWhitis.com

You’ve wanted to find out how to help kids get through challenging times. Here’s how - what are you waiting for?