Fear of Needles EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

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Fear of Needles EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

I’m delighted that you have chosen to use EFT to remove your fear of needles. You can see more about my tapping work with children with cancer at www.oaxacaproject.com

Many people are afraid of needles. It’s understandable since it isn’t natural to have a needle stuck into one’s body. Yet, there are times when it is important to do so. For example, have you chosen not to donate life-giving blood because of a fear of needles? Or, have you ever put off an appointment with a doctor or dentist just to avoid those “needles”?

It doesn’t have to be stressful or even painful. When one manages the fear and stress around the experience, the body calms making the whole process gentler. That’s power. How can you do that? You can utilize the relaxation produced in the mind and body via EFT to attain this goal.

How would you like to feel when you go in for a shot? Would you like to be calm and relaxed or tense and afraid? Would you like to feel comfortable and at ease? How about releasing even the feeling of pain associated with a shot? Now that would make this experience different.

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