Gratitude EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

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Gratitude EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

Life is wonderful!! Life is fun!!! Life is full of love!!!

If you don’t believe me or see your life in this way, I invite you to come on the journey of gratitude with me. If you find it hard to see anything good in your life right now, wouldn’t you like to? I’ll guide you with EFT phrases that show you how you can improve your life by being grateful. If you are seeing good things in your life, I’ll lead you in tapping phrases that will help you create even more. Being grateful is a state of mind, a state of being thankful and appreciative. You can use it to create the joy, love, and prosperity you want in your life.

How can something as simple as gratitude help you create what you desire in your life? The Law of Attraction states that whatever you give your attention to, wanted or unwanted, is drawn to you. For example, you’re thinking about a friend and they call you. Have you ever had that happen? But, have you noticed; when you are dreading a call from someone, they call. In other words, whatever your attention is on, will be drawn to you.

How would shifting your attention change what you have in life? Scientific studies show molecules vibrate. Since we are made of molecules, we are vibrating beings. When you think a thought or feel an emotion, conscious or unconscious, your vibrations shift to match it. Therefore, you can adjust your vibration by how or where you focus your attention. By consciously choosing thoughts and feelings that feel good, you deliberately create within yourself a vibrational state of feeling good. And according to the Law of Attraction, that ‘good feeling state’ will attract more good.

Once you’ve focused your attention on what you want, all sorts of things fall into place to make it happen. Instead of dwelling on unhappy thoughts of the past, focus only on good ones. Focus on the good things of the present and feeling good in the future. Be selective, so that you are deliberating attracting more happy moments into your current life.

By deliberately choosing your thoughts and feelings, and being open to receive what you desire, you have the power to create exactly what you want. That’s why gratitude is so important. The more appreciative and grateful you are, the more you thrive, since the vibration of gratitude attracts abundance and prosperity.

Are you ready to begin the journey of gratitude? OK, let’s use EFT to focus on gratitude while tapping it into, literally, the subconscious.

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