Green Drink Red Drink (Digital Version)

Green Drink Red Drink (Digital Version)

Ever get frustrated with your weight or your health? You’re probably not alone. In today’s world of junk food and fast food, it is easy to make unhealthy choices. What is needed are simple and practical ways to consume health-providing foods. That is what this book is all about. It explains what you need, why it is important, how to create delicious and nutritious green drinks to supplement your diet, and it contains over 50 recipes for you to enjoy. Empower yourself to create the health you desire by adapting your daily intake to include more green drinks and red drinks. It is easy and fun as well as delicious-tasting.

Deborah Miller’s desire is to help people feel empowered and capable of maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. With a little knowledge and a few additions to one’s eating regime, improvements can be made. This book is a great resource to help you along your way.

Fun and easy explanations and recipes to help you make and enjoy delicious healthy green drinks and smoothies.