Ideal Weight - Metabolism, Age, Hormones EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

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Ideal Weight - Metabolism, Age, Hormones EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

Weight issues are complicated. Are you reaching the age where people say it is more and more difficult to lose weight? Are your hormones and metabolism changing in ways that affect your health and weight? Are you frustrated with your ability to lose weight as you get up in years?

Usually we talk about getting older and our metabolism slowing down, our hormones not functioning as they did when we were younger, and how our bodies do not have the capability to stay young and supple. All of these old stories about aging, hormones and weight are part of our culture beliefs about health and aging. For women, it includes that it is difficult to lose weight as you get to peri-menopause and especially after menopause. For men, it is based more on aging and metabolism.

I find these beliefs so interesting since our cells are turning over or renewing themselves every day. Since our bodies are modifying themselves all the time, technically we can stay healthy and vital. Our body is made to be healthy, to stay healthy, not to get old, decrepit and unattractive. There are many examples of people well into their 90s that are sharp, healthy and very active. Let’s shift those old beliefs and begin to change the cultural beliefs that we have about weight and aging.

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