Kids with Cancer Teleseminar Series - Complete Audio Program + Transcripts

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Kids with Cancer Teleseminar Series - Complete Audio Program + Transcripts

Hello I’m Deborah Miller

My dream and inspiration is that all children who are suffering with cancer have an opportunity to heal gracefully and gently, and that their quality of life is improved enormously. I would like to share the tools I’ve found that allow them to create just that by helping them empower themselves, manage their emotions and choose to heal.

In four 1 hr interviews with Till Schilling I share many experiences I’ve had while working with children with cancer in a hospital setting. I share how using the powerful yet apparently simple tapping technique, called EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques has been an integral part of this process.

In these interviews I touch upon Four Topics:

1. Fears, Fears, Fears
2. EFT and TappyBear
3. Using Symbols and Images with Tapping
4. Teaching your Kids to Tap

as well as share examples of how I tap when I work with the kids.

Through what I share any parent or caregiver can not only hear how I’ve worked with these children, but also learn enough about how to actually help their child and themselves with many of the emotional and physical issues that exist when dealing with a child having a serious illness.

You will discover

• How and why it is important to take care of yourself
• How to work with your child using tapping
• How to help release feelings of guilt and shame
• How to provide relief to your child for emotional and physical issues as well as pain


How would it feel if you could help your child easily reduce fears, such as:

• Fear of needles
• Fear of doctors
• Their treatments
• Their illness
• Of going to the hospital


What kind of a gift would you be giving your child if you could help them reduce the feelings of sadness about losing their hair, being looked at funny at school, or not being like others?

How would your family benefit if the feelings of hopelessness, fear of dying, hating cancer could be reduced so each member of your family could provide a positive attitude and spirit to your child (as you know, kids sense those things even if they are not spoken).

One of the results I see with family members is that they are much more at ease, they know and feel that they can contribute in a very positive way to their loved one who is ill, there is much less tension and a whole lot more joy. Wouldn’t you want that for your family whether someone has a serious illness or not?

Not to mention-

How would you feel knowing that you could help your child:

– Reduce feelings of nausea
– Pain
– And other side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer related treatments?

As a cancer survivor and EFT practitioner, I can attest first hand to the effectiveness of EFT during the cancer journey.

EFT has been a tremendous tool to help me manage and release the side effects of chemo, and to ensure that the mental and emotional stresses that come along with this kind of medical treatment are being addressed and cared for effectively.

What Deborah is doing with her kids in the cancer ward is beyond amazing. Having someone who cares visit on a regular basis bring an effective and so easy to learn tool to the kids as well as their families is truly a gift from god. When the children learn how to release their fears, sadness and overwhelm that come with their treatment, they have so much more energy to enjoy their lives and improve their healing. The gift that Deborah gives to the parents by helping them with EFT to move from being a rather helpless bystander to being able to actively help their child and themselves feel and get better, can probably only be understood by those who have been there.

Bringing EFT into a poor and often forgotten neighborhood and spreading joy, hope and smiles might do more for children than the medical treatment will.
Thank You Deborah for all that you do.

You are saving more lives than you might know.

Ingrid Dinter
EFT Cert-1


Deborah Miller is making a great contribution not only through the dedicated, compassionate service she brings to children with cancer, but by having the courage and wisdom to find and apply cutting edge tools for their emotional and spiritual care.

David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Author, Energy Psychology Interactive


Deborah Millers work with "Kids with Cancer" is a revolutionary approach to healing and wellness. Her expertise as a scientist, therapist, and modern day healer has allowed her to create a program that is desperately needed.  The emotional side of cancer is largely overlooked in the medical world, especially when it involves children with cancer and their parents who are going through it with them.  Deborah’s ingenious approach to the emotional healing side of the experience is affecting the success rate of healing the physical illness of cancer and creating life-changing bonds between parents and children.  The fortunate people who have benefitted from Deborah’s program will never be the same and they can thank her for that.

Carol Tuttle
Author, Remembering Wholeness & It’s Just My Nature


The work that Deborah Miller does with so much love for Children with cancer is like a torch that illuminates the world. Seeing how she enriches the lives of these children and their families giving them hope is truly inspiring. Her labour of love lights up a path leading us towards healing and well-being.

She is a blessing for us all. Thank You, Deborah.

Vera Malbaski Grau


“When I stumbled across the amazing work that Deborah was doing in Mexico, I was truly moved.  Here was somebody that had truly taken matters into her own hands, working in the poorest regions of Mexico, with the sickest kids out there, bringing them hope, peace, and healing through EFT.  Deborah’s commitment to sharing this powerful technique and to changing children’s lives is incredible, and we should all do whatever we can to support her mission!”

Nick Ortner


“When you look into the “EFT world” you will see a group of coaches and therapists who have seen and believe in the power of EFT.  We believe that this tool has the power to transform people in pain…both physically and emotionally.  But Deborah Miller has taken this belief to the ultimate test and done something that has never been seen before!  She has brought EFT to the most needy – children with cancer – right into the hospital where stress is the highest.  Her amazing success story demonstrates in a compelling and heart warming way that this simple technique not only improves the quality of life for these exceptional children but reduces stress for the parents, nurses and doctors.   Imagine, if just one person with EFT can enhance care and bring smiles to the faces of the medical staff, families and the children undergoing cancer treatment, what Deborah’s cause can do on a larger scale?

If you have found your way to Deborah’s classes or coaching, take the opportunity to learn from a dedicated and passionate leader in the field.  This work is scientific and sound, and it comes from the heart to those who need it the most…this is a cause to be part of!” 

Margaret M. Lynch, Success Coach, EFT Expert


Working with the best practitioners and talking to many of the best and brightest teachers and leaders in energy therapy has given me a unique perspective on the healing journey. Many people, if not all of us, seek good health and a quick recovery when we are not well. Choosing a healing practitioner from among the many energy psychology therapists is no easier than finding a good doctor. Not all therapists are created equal.

Deborah Miller stands out in her specialty –working with young people and in the process she is an example of an effective therapist and a leader in the growing field of energy healing personified. She combines her enthusiasm for people and well being with tireless energy as she works with children and teens and their parents and caregivers.

No one is beyond her reach as she adds light where sickness and pain create darkness. No one I’ve worked with or documented has her spirit or her success in reaching people at the one level that is critical to all healing – their heart and soul. Watching Deborah work is like watching magic. She creates for young people in particular a space where everything is possible and the child’s own courage and strength becomes just as invincible as any disease, or pain or fear that child might have. Defying what is a child’s natural reaction to the loneliness and fear of hospitalization, or treatments, Deborah’s subjects face those challenges with an almost super human self confidence and calm. Those medical staff who watch are also affected – everyone seems to heal some degree of sadness and pain when Deborah is at work.

As the head oncologist where I filmed her told me on camera – “she does things I can’t do with all of my medicines and science. We need her and the patients and staff need her.”

If the pediatric community wants to learn how to best treat and care for young people, they could not find a better teacher and advocate for empowering those young people to heal themselves than Deborah Miller.

Eric Huurre, filmmaker & editor Operation: Emotional Freedom


I can tell you from my experience, that the renewed smiles, the sparkles in the children’s eyes is one of the reasons I keep on going back to the hospital every week. This is their gift to me.

When a child relaxes and smiles as a result of pain being reduced after we tap together often brings tears of joy to me. It is a profoundly beautiful feeling.

This program will give you the foundation to help your child to be able to experience these same things. You will be able to help reduce their fears, their anxieties and traumas related to their illness and treatment so they can live with dignity, truly feel loved and loving during the process.



Also be able to effectively take care of yourself. It’s no secret there is a lot of stress and emotion being the parent or caregiver to a child with cancer. It is so important to take care of yourself too in order for you to be able to be of the greatest help to your child.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is time to stop suffering to heal. Healing can be graceful, gentle and even filled with joy and laughter.

So I invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to be able to give your child, your family and yourself the experience of less fear, pain, stress and anxiety, and more joy and love.