Love EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

Love EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)


"Love is not a matter of what happens in life. It's a matter of what's happening in your heart." - Ken Keyes

Love is heart energy, healing energy. Love allows you to heal yourself, and love heals others. I feel inspired to appreciate love in life so I decided to share some of that love with you. This is my gift of love. I hope that you will be inspired by this EFT script and audio to clear your blocks to love and to focus your life on LOVE.

In addition, let’s all dedicate a day to LOVE. Today, let’s focus on LOVE. To participate in this Day of LOVE all you have to do is simply BE LOVE. The focus of the day is the love in your heart. Be aware of it. Allow LOVE to lead you, and guide you throughout the day. Just BE LOVE. Follow the EFT script and audio to "tap" into a state of LOVE. Then DO anything else that is LOVE inspired.

Remember LOVE is an incredible healer. LOVE yourself today and every day. Let the LOVE in your heart be your focus and guide. Watch the amazing results that come of it.

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