Magnetic Me EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

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Magnetic Me EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

Don't you want to be like a magnet that literally draws to you what you desire? With or without knowing it you are doing just that. You are drawing to you in a magnetic way what you are experiencing in a conscious and unconscious way. No wonder you get both things you want and don't want. Wouldn't you prefer to be a conscious magnet for what you desire? I know I would.

Let's look at how you are magnetizing your experiences to you. According to the Law of Attraction what we feel and think affects what we experience. The thoughts and feelings you have literally "magnetize" those things to you. Isn't it great to be so powerful, to literally be able to make simple changes in the way you think and feel to magnetize what you desire to you instead?

Let's go magnetize something fabulous right now!

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