Moms EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

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Moms EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

Our mothers brought us into this world. What a beautiful gift!

Let’s honor the energy of “mothers” from your biological mother to the mom’s of your friends and women who became like your mother because of their mothering nature. These wonderful feminine beings taught you much about life, connecting, caring and loving.

To honor these mothers we will tap on the wonderful, incredible things we learned from them. That is quite a blessing!

Let’s also tap on the things learned from your mother that wasn’t so positive as well as the negative traits and habits learned from your mother. (Yes we learn some of these from our fathers too but that is for another time).

If you are still carrying around the negative traits from your mother then these emotions, beliefs, and habits could be negatively affecting your relationship with your mother and with women in general (whether you are a male or female).

Let’s release some of these old beliefs and misunderstandings about your mother so that you can truly love and honor her and the feminine in you.

Now that’s a gift to all MOMs.

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