Tapping for Kids -- The Dragon with Flames of Love

Tapping for Kids -- The Dragon with Flames of Love

EFT TAPPING (The Tapping Solution) EFT Tapping For Kids With Chronic Illness: The Dragon With Flames of Love is The Tapping Solution! It provides EFT Tapping instruction as a simple, yet remarkable alternative for parents of children coping with a shocking diagnosis or dealing with any kind of chronic illness.

This book is suitable for ALL ages and provides a variety of age specific scripts for children, teens and adults. Additionally, it includes EFT TAPPING scripts to specifically address the many challenges of being a parent of a sick child.

The Tapping Solution: Tapping for Kids: The Dragon with Flames of Love is a manual, a how-to-guide, that lovingly teaches parents how to effectively utilize a powerful tool known as Tapping in order to assist a chronically ill child.


EFT Tapping or Tapping Has Been Described as "acupuncture for emotions, without the needles."

In this book, Deborah D Miller, PhD, shares how to use gentle tapping as a powerful technique to help a chronically ill child manage their anxiety, emotions, fears, traumas, and even alleviate physical pain in a way that is fun, empowering, positive, powerful and non-threatening.

Physical Recovery is Enhanced With A Positive Attitude

Parents will discover how they can use EFT TAPPING to help <i>themselves</i> and their child better manage the stress of chronic illness, painful treatments, frequent doctor visits, hospitalizations, travel, time away from home and the normal fears one faces dealing with unpredictable circumstances, feeling out of control and facing the unknown. This book provides a means to allow both parents and children to feel calmer, stronger, and more powerful, while training minds and bodies to feel better too.

…filled with practical, helpful knowledge for children with cancer, and their parents. It comes from Deborah Miller's experiences teaching EFT tapping to kids in hospitals. It is filled with tapping practices kids can use, which helps with their feelings of powerlessness and overall well-being.

Deborah D. Miller, PhD, is dedicated to empowering parents and children facing the challenge of a serious illness. Her hands-on experience, the real-life examples and the beautifully illustrated presentation provide a rich resource for improving the quality of life of the child and loved ones coping with the illness.

EFT techniques help the children relax when facing difficult and scary tests and treatments, which in turn gives the families courage to go through the journey with their children.

In addition, her explanations of the highly effective tool EFT Tapping and ways to support the child and family members serve to educate and support anyone who is dedicated to helping children and their families.

This book is invaluable, not only to those facing serious disease and the people who love them, but to everyone who wants to reclaim their vitality and well-being.

Deborah’s wisdom, love and compassion are felt throughout the book. She will inspire you as well as bring relief, peace and hope. The Dragon with Flames of Love is truly a gift for children and those who love them.