Thrive not Survive EFT Tapping Guides (pdf)

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Thrive not Survive EFT Tapping Guides (pdf)

I created this new motto: Thrive not Survive.
Isn’t that what we all want? Aren’t you tired of only surviving?

Isn’t life about thriving? Nature thrives, that is her natural state of being. Why is it that human beings as creatures of nature are not also thriving?

We have beliefs and experiences that tell us we can only survive. How many of you have/had parents who lived through wars and The Great Depression of the 30s? Those times created an energy of surviving. Many did just that – SURVIVED.

It wasn’t a time of thriving. Or was it? For some even wartime, The Great Depression and times of economic strain, they THRIVE.

Now we are shifting into a new era, a new way of being that includes connection and thriving.

Would you like to be among those who THRIVE? Then let’s clear out beliefs that hold you in the pattern of SURVIVING instead of THRIVING.


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