Trusting the Process EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

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Trusting the Process EFT Tapping Guide (pdf)

This is a biggie. Trust the process, the journey. It is so easy for us to doubt, worry, give up on our dreams. We all do it.

Trust comes from the heart. It is not something that comes from the mind. Thus, it requires a different kind of listening.

Are you willing to "trust" what is being said from your heart? Why do I say trust your heart? For me, the heart is the direct connection with God, Universe, Spirit. It is the quiet place where true answers and guidance is heard, not the mind. The mind is filled with our stories, our judgment and it holds some of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. The lies we've been telling ourselves for years and years.

Trust the Process is about learning to hear what is being said from your heart and then trusting it. As you tap away the old lies, stories and judgments it is easier to hear your heart wisdom. Once you do that you can now move into inspired action to manifest your dreams. Manifest them with love, passion, joy and delight. Whoo hoo!!!

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