Ideal Weight Virtual Exercise EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

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Ideal Weight Virtual Exercise EFT Tapping Guide (Audio mp3)

We all know about the benefits of exercising, but many of us still don’t exercise. We have our excuses, such as I have no will power, it is too hard, I don’t have time, I don’t have the strength, I’m not good at it, it hurts and more. We may have had things happen that prevent us from exercising, such as an injury, or straining an old injury. Could all of this be self-sabotage? Are you afraid of the beneficial consequences of being in good shape?

In order to address these issues, I created this EFT script about virtual exercise because of the benefit of focusing on what you desire. Many athletes use visualization to get the results they want. Studies have shown that those who practice virtually (by visualizing) can have results as good as or better than those who are actually practicing. I’m not suggesting you don’t exercise, but use virtual exercise to motivate you to exercise and compliment the exercise you already do.

Here’s an example of some virtual exercise I did and the results that came of it: I did virtual mountain biking because I wanted to increase my lung capacity. After 2 weeks, I was blowing a conch. It requires deep breath to sound it well and for a long time. My friend commented on how much longer I could blow the conch. Even I was pleasantly surprised. The only thing I had done differently in those 2 weeks was the virtual mountain biking.

Let’s take advantage of the visualization process along with the release work that occurs with EFT. In this script I will guide you through the following: release of self- sabotage and instill new beliefs about your body and exercise; virtual walking and aerobic exercise for good lung capacity and circulation; virtual weight lifting for increased strength and stamina; virtual yoga for limberness, flexibility, tone and balance; and virtual rest for rejuvenation. Let’s have fun with this by making exercising enjoyable.

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